Hack Series Continues – PID’s Website Got Hacked!

Posted by 22 January, 2009 Comments Off on Hack Series Continues – PID’s Website Got Hacked!

In recent past, we saw some of Pakistan’s Government websites got hacked by Indian Hackers. Though Pakistanis got them back but what is the reason behind this. How many of us secure their files/websites etc.? The answer is “not more then 5%”. This is because of the lack of education. This time Press Information Department (PID) website along with some other sites are being compromised.


Though PID site is back agian but still there is need to have more Internet theft/anti-hacking security. PWDAJK site still has a message from hackers “HackeD By ZombiE_KsA and nEt DeVil”. Government should secure Government website, if they can’t do it for others, at least do it for Pakistan.

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