What are Windows Log Files?

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Windows log files are recorded when there is additional information like that of an event, this information is recorded on a folder and logs are created. WindowsLogFiles.com is a site that offers you all the information you need to know about log files and their importance to your computer. There are times when Google tries to make updates but they fail due to wrong installations or due to corruption. With such information stored in the log files a computer administrator can figure out what is wrong with a computer.

Log Files

Log files can also be created in the computer if for some reason processing of a file took too long. This site offers you guidelines on how to read the Windows log files.

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How to Uninstall Windows Vista?

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Vista is the most sophisticated operating system at the moment but most users do not consider it stable. Most people uninstall Vista because their PCs are not configured properly or lack the power required to use the features that Vista offers.


It is easy to uninstall Vista and in most cases it will take you one or two hours but it is important to note that Vista cannot be downgraded to Windows XP. If you want to have Windows XP, Vista has to be removed completely and the hard drive has to be reformatted before XP is reloaded. Make sure you back up all your files before you uninstall this operating system. Vista can also be uninstalled if you bought the computer with it and you want a different operating system.

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