Yahoo! Begins New Search Advertising System – Rich Ads in Search

Posted by 21 February, 2009 (1) Comment

yahoo-logoYahoo! The most visited website in the world has come up with a new Online Search Advertising system featuring video and images in its paid-for listings. According to the company, the new system increased the clickthrough rate by 25% in its trail launch.

The company expects a growth of 15% in current year. The new service is named as ‘Rick Ads in Search’ was examined by different advertisers namely Pepsi and Sobe (Soft Drinks), Pedigree (Dog Food Brand), and The Home Depot (Retail Chain). New service allows advertisers to use their company logos or a search box which will help consumers to find the nearest outlet by entering the Zip Codes.

A small change has been made in the charges. Instead of paying on auction basis, advertisers will now have to pay a monthly fee. Yahoo! offers this service currently to large advertisers and brands.

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