[Guest Post] True Lies By ZONG

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Zong LogoEven having a watchdog for Telecom Operators working in Pakistan, the tradition to capture and cheat the national market through ambiguous advertisements is still on. The operators are trying their all-time best to capture the major chunk of the market and survive through this cut throat competition even at the cost of misinformation.

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Zong IDD Bundle Offer – Special Rates on International Calls

Posted by 2 May, 2009 (9) Comment

zong-cirlcesZong brings it’s first package for prepaid subscribers who usually make International calls specifically to UK, USA or Canada. However, the offer limits the user to call on only Fixed Numbers in UK, but following rates apply for any number either mobile or landline in USA or Canada.

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Zong Reactivates SMS Delivery Confirmation Facility

Posted by 23 April, 2009 Comments Off on Zong Reactivates SMS Delivery Confirmation Facility

Zong LogoZong celebrated its first birthday on 12th April 2009 and with its unique way of celebrating and named it as Sub Keh Do Day (Say it All Day). After disbanding the Message Confirmation facility, Zong now takes the initiative by reactivating the service. Users face a lot of trouble because they could never know whether their SMS is being sent or still pending. Ufone, Telenor and other services are still exercising the same practice. Let’s hope they also reactivate the facility.

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Zong Starts New Series 0315

Posted by 11 April, 2009 (2) Comment

Zong LogoZong has introduced its new code series i.e. 0315 after 0313 & 0312. Zong has 5,979,853 customers according to PTA report Feb., 2009, so, I don’t think they needed a new series but this is becoming a new trend in Pakistan Telecommunication sector specailly Mobile Phone Operators. One thing I noticed while browsing, most numbers on 0315 series are already booked and I suspect that they uploaded it to server/website after issuing these numbers.

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Zong Introduces Break Time Offer for Zong Free Package Subscribers

Posted by 3 April, 2009 (2) Comment

Zong LogoThere had been no new offers from Zong, A China Mobile Brand laucnhed in Pakistan, lately. Zong has come up with another exciting offer ‘Break Time Offer’ for its Zong Free Package Subscribers which allows them to call on any Zong number from 12 PM to 2 PM for just Rs.3.99 + tax per hour. Users can enjoy long talk time on Fridays i.e. from 12 PM to 4 PM.

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Zong Deactivates SMS Delivery Confirmation Facility?

Posted by 28 March, 2009 (3) Comment

Zong LogoSome of my friends and my ZaheerSpeaks.com readers who are Zong subscribers complained that they are no more receiving SMS delivery confirmation message. After the daily SMS Bundle Packages introduced by different Mobile Operators, they seem to fail to control the load on network. The subscribers are not happy with the situation and find it very irritating as they can not come to know whether their messages are delivered or not and it may cost a life.

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Zong Introduces Four Postpaid Packages

Posted by 11 March, 2009 (2) Comment

Zong LogoZong has step into postpaid market and introduced 4 different attractive packages. With over 5.5 million prepaid customer base, Zong now moves ahead to capture the corporate market. The packages are designed according to the needs of the different customers like small business, large corporate entities and individuals as well.

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Zong 65 | 65 Paisas per 30 Seconds | Price War Continues

Posted by 7 February, 2009 (2) Comment


Zong now offers a new package Zong 65 allowing it’s subscribers to call at 65 paisas per 30 seconds on any network in Pakistan which broke all time lowest price record so far. This continues the price war among the GSM Service Providers in Pakistan. Mobilink recently offered a package of 68 paisas per 30 seconds on any network in Pakistan.

Package Details:

Voice: All networks in Pakistan 65 paisa/30 secs
SMS: All networks in Pakistan Rs. 1/SMS
MMS: All networks in Pakistan Rs. 3/MMS
GPRS Rs. 15/MB
Unlimited GPRS Rs. 400/month
Unlimited SMS Rs. 3/day
Friends and Family Not Applicable
Special offers (e.g. Happy Hour, 8 Aanay, LNO, BTO, Super Free, Unlimited Free) Not Applicable

* GST of 21% is applicable on all rates.

Lets see how long this goes. In my honest opinoin, Zong should try to improve it’s network coverage and customer services rather then reducing the prices. A lot of my friends are using Zong and the signals are very weak.

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Zong Print Ads

Posted by 29 January, 2009 Comments Off on Zong Print Ads

Zong is being very successful with it advertising strategies. As they are targeting the mass market so, their advertisements are always very simple and effective. I love their two ads one is of New Year and the other was launched with the launch of Zong in Pakistan (Ad 1 & 2 below).

These ads are very creative ( right now I am just talking about print ads) and convey the messages very clearly. I will right more on advertisements later because I got to go.  Please share  you ideas and print advertisements you have with you.

I have only these ads. If anyone of you have more ads, please email me at zaheerajk (at) gmail.com.
Thanking you in anticipation.

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Zong Entry into Pakistan & Price War between Pakistani GSM Service Providers

Posted by 22 January, 2009 (1) Comment

In 1993, Mobilink started GSM service in Pakistan (yes, Mobilink is the pioneer) but later on with the passage of time and development in IT industry, we now have 5 GSM service providers namely Mobilink, Ufone, Warid, Telenor, and Zong.


There was a time when users had to pay charges for even incoming calls and now we see a bigger change. Users can call for free to some selected numbers and also a new package is introduced, ‘Happy Hour’,  that gives you facility to call on some numbers for free in day time.

There is intense competition between all providers and it leads them to a price war. Everyday low prices brought users to companies but on the other hand we see a little compromise on quality in shape of hidden charges, weak customer support service etc.

Zong entry into Pakistan was a big challenge for that time existing companies and Zong entered and Rocked. They targeted the 60-70% of the population and they succeeded. There advertisement campaigns are simple yet professional and attractive. They didn’t endorsed any celebrity in their advertisement may be to save the “Celebrity Cost” or it may be a part of their strategy not to use a celebrity in start as they succeeded in creating customers without it and they can use it at a later stage to better position their brand.

The prices are now a down as the limit set by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), now GSM service providers have to pay attention on their customer and value added services. In a competition where price war starts, either some companies succeed or becomes the casualities of that era.

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