Telenor Pakistan Official Website Down!

Posted by 29 January, 2009
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While browsing, I came to know that Telenor (GSM Service Providers) Pakistan website is down. At first, I thought its just me but I then tried checking it using some proxies but no results.

Its very unusual that a company’s website goes down like this without a prior notice. I have no idea whether they are running some maintenance or what but what matters is their website is not live at the moment.

Just thought, should share this with my blog visitors. I am sure Telenor must have a good excuse for this.

Website URL:

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January 29, 2009

Yes, it was dead yesterday but back now.

Posted by Rehan
January 29, 2009

May be a maintenance was in progress. Thank you for your comment Rehan.

Posted by Zaheer Khan
July 30, 2009

ham ne app ki service achay network ke liye choos ki hai hamari umid barqrar rakhnay ki koshish kejyee ga thanks

Posted by zeeshan

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