Wi-Tribe Wireless Broadband Launched in Pakistan – Get Online with No Line

Posted by 9 July, 2009
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wi-tribe logoI was very happy that PTCL took the initiative after WorldCall to introduce Wirless Broadband in USB Adapters in Pakistan but it was obvious that other companies will also enter into the competition. And now here is Wi-Tribe, a wireless broadband service provider. Although the charges of Wi-Tribe are high and limited packages (less speed) as compared to World Call and PTCL but they are giving a money back guarantee of 7 days to unsatisfied customers.

There is no unlimited package like PTCL and WorldCall wireless braodbands. Instead there is Data limited per month which makes Wi-Tribe expensive. But I think we will give Wi-Tribe some time. One thing, that will help them is Customer Support Service. PTCL Customer Support Service is not at all satisfactory. If you encounter an issue at night, no body is there to pick your call. A better customer service brings better and long lasting customers.

Wi-Tribe Logo 1Before I go to the details of Wi-Tribe packages, let me just discuss a little Advertisement strategies. Wi-Tribe is focusing on heavy advertisement. You can see a lot of hoardings, banners, bill boards etc. etc. and I just loved their teaser advertisement where the only thing  is written is – Online with no line.

Package Details:

Lets just look into the package details. Currently, Wi-Tribe is offering three data speed packages; 256 KBPS, 512 KBPS, and 1 MBPS.

wi-tribe package

Extra Volume: Rs 75/500 MB

For more details, please visit: www.wi-tribe.pk

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July 10, 2009

I hope they will increase the volume for home PC users. at the moment this offer is very attractive for business personals who frequently travels inside the city.

Posted by bilal
July 27, 2009

Hi, am checking if your wireless boardband service coverage includes Naudero some 70km off Sukkur?
We are to be based in Naudero for a project lasting about 1 year.
Kindly reply to above e mail ASAP before we leave Karachi on Wednessday 19th July. Thanks!!!

Posted by Raymond Tan
July 27, 2009

hi,that`s very good that new internet providers coming,but some providers not giving not givng good survice.I want to to that what is quality of wi-tribe.

Posted by Zulfiqar
July 29, 2009

Wateen’s packages are better than wi-tribe because wateen is offering unlimited downloads.

Witribe’s ad saying ‘your connection to friends n family’ is silly because this message makes witribe look like a phone company which it is not!

Posted by qaiser
August 4, 2009

Dear Professionals of Wi-Tribe, its a very good service online with no line which is flexible for many people.

I want to get a job in Your organization if any post available. I have completed MBA in Marketing.
My Contact no.03343081887.
Kindly do let me know to get the opportunity if possible.



Posted by Islahuddin
August 25, 2009

please sent me 9th result on your net thank you

Posted by abdul
August 31, 2009

is ur sevice available at YarHussain Dist Swabi (NWFP)

Posted by siraj ul haq khan
October 15, 2009

is there any service available in Dir and Buner coz now there is alot of activities and no good internet service provider are there.

Posted by muhammad ijaz
January 15, 2010

Wi-tribe 512k Economical Package speed is very very slow which suit everyone especially students, Even if you near with booster and have good signals. even i can’t watch youtube clips smoothly. Also helpline and sales number 111 187 423 is Always busy busy busy busy even if you want to contact with there sales department 😉 , they mention 7gb monthly limit on website tarrif but its actually only 5gb a month. so its another lie. To avoid negative comments please improve your service and give more more more limit in packages at same or low price.

Posted by Amreen

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